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"When the 'what's the point?' moments hit, ask yourself ..........

..........'what IS the point?' Why ARE you doing what you're doing? !"




Tailor Made Briefs for defined target groups

Teamwork and/or Leadership Challenges

Planning for PROFIT, ensuring team members understand their strategy and the mechanics, budgeting, time management, allocating roles,  motivation, camaraderie.

  • per kit - a box containing 150 Scrabble tiles - different but of equal value per team - calculating pro-forms, budgeting guides and forecasting sheets

  • after consultations a tailor-made tutor's brief with full instructions

  • tailor-made team briefs; copies of "Share, Care, Communicate" , laminated "Teamwork Behaviour Checklist"; 2 copies of "Leadership at WORK"

"The best way of getting someone to love you is to find a credible way

of making them believe you love them. IT'S THE SAME IN BUSINESS !"

There is a strict planning time deadline and then teams go against the clock to implement their plan.

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In this task gross PROFIT is achieved by using Scrabble letters to make up words of specific lengths. Each team is issued with a box of Scrabble tiles and they can add to these in a variety of ways - egs buying, or an auction between teams for valuable letters like a Z or a blank.

What's In The Box - £300 for 2 kits plus £100 each for more

- 60 to 90 minutes - for 2 teams of 4 to 6 team members

We have tailor-made Wordpower in many ways depending on the training objectives and numbers of delegates; if more than one team, they are given different, but equal, supplies of letters and liaison and negotiation is encouraged.