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Part 1 of this task is the same as The Moonlanding when individuals and then teams have to agree on a priority list of items to take on a mission to the moon.

"When the 'what's the point?' moments hit, ask yourself ..........

..........'what IS the point?' Why ARE you doing what you're doing? !"


The Moonwalk


Tailor Made Briefs for defined target groups

The location will obviously effect the route of the walk and we will happily advise a client exactly how best to research and prepare this aspect - or for an agreed fee we would do this research ourselves.

They acquire them by going on a country walk and doing various things! Then the final phase, back at base, is for teams to liaise and negotiate with each other for ideally WIN-WIN.

  • per kit - dependent on group and location/venue; route maps, "price lists" for "Ownership Cards", pro-formas for calculations and negotiating

  • a tailor-made tutor's brief with full instructions

  • tailor-made individual and team briefs; copies of "Share, Care, Communicate" and the laminated "Teamwork Behaviour Checklist"; 2 copies of "Leadership at WORK"

"Now here's an original thought ... someone who disagrees with you MIGHT BE RIGHT !"

Then it becomes more challenging and the key skills of LIAISING and NEGOTIATING between teams become important in order to maximise PROFITS.

Do you come here often? Moon

Teams in competition with each other need to acquire as many of the 30 "ownership cards" available - ideally including the ones they have prioritised highest.

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What's In The Box - £300 for one kit for two teams

- 3 to 4 hours - up to 12 participants in two teams