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Teams, including wounded and blind members, must escape through a minefield AFTER cracking a code (logic puzzle) identifying where mines are laid in the minefield.

"When the 'what's the point?' moments hit, ask yourself ..........

..........'what IS the point?' Why ARE you doing what you're doing? !"


The Minefield

The Minefield


Tailor Made Packs for defined target groups

A "Mastermine" (filled with water to make it heavy!) must also be retrieved using a choice of available materials - at a cost.

Measurement is number of team members escaping within time limit plus time bonuses LESS, for net profit, costs of materials & penalties.

The price includes us liaising with clients to modify/adapt briefs to ensure the required level of challenge. eg a senior leadership team would have more difficult logic problems and probably a stricter time constraint.

  • 13 lengths of rope plus pegs to lay a minefield 10 X 5 metres; 4 strong poles and a choice of materials with which to build stretchers; 4 blindfolds; 2 sets of 2 buckets

Teamwork and/or Leadership Challenges

Allocation of roles and tasks, egs, logic problem solving v designing carrying equipment; effective use of time; feedback and communications; utilising ALL team members; contingency planning; response to pressure; flexibility.

  • a supply of different widths and lengths of string and rope and sticks for teams to purchase to use as they wish for designing carrying tools (for the buckets which they are not allowed to touch)

  • sets of 10 logic clues for tutors to issue and/or sell to teams for them to establish in which of the 50 squares in the minefield the mines are laid

  • a tutor's brief with full instructions and explanations, including the correct layout of mines to monitor escape attempts; 12 copies of "Leadership at WORK"; Experiential LEADERSHIP Profiling reference cards

  • Master Copy of team brief; 12 copies of "Share, Care, Communicate" and the "Teamwork Behaviour Checklist"

"I don't know how NOW, but I do know I WILL know !" (Creativity inspires a Positive Mental Attitude)

Retrieving the "Mastermine" return to Strategic Planning category

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What's In The Box - £750 for one minefield for one or two teams (of ideally 6)

- 2 to 3 hours - up to 16 participants per kit in one or two teams of 6 to 8