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We provide a 500 or 1,000 piece jigsaw with a number on the back of each piece and split into 20 sections - each in its own small box.


“Puzzling” Tasks


Tailor Made Briefs for defined target groups

Production of a jigsaw is time consuming, but using it to develop a group's skills and attitudes is our challenge. So please think creatively about what YOU could potentially achieve by exposing a group to this kind of teambuilding.

Teamwork and/or Leadership Challenges

Allocations of roles, identifying and using strengths of individuals, helping and supporting each other, motivation, camaraderie, effective use of time.

In "One Big Happy Team" versions there are 2 or more teams with one jigsaw. Teams compete in the treasure hunt and to assemble their portion of the puzzle, BUT no team is deemed a winner unless the full puzzle is completed. So, as in real life, teams must CO-OPERATE in order to succeed.

... including “One Big Happy Team”,  “I Spy” and “A Floating Puzzle”

At the Rock Tower Two "floating" puzzles. Resistance HQ An indoor floating puzzle ONE big happy team!

Teams then "earn" each section by usually going on a treasure hunt to find bank notes (from The Royal Bank of Impetus") and buy the sections.

Teams receive copies of the image and a plan of the reverse of the puzzle showing where each section and each individual piece fits

In other versions, teams float their puzzle on water, indoors or outdoors (below) or take it somewhere, egs up a mountain (above) or an "HQ" in the woods (left)


AND they are a very effective test of LEADERSHIP when integrated into leadership development frameworks.

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Call Rick

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get what you


for 12 to 36 participants with 4 to 6 in a team - two hours to all day!

  • one large box per jigsaw containing 20 smaller ones each each containing a section of the puzzle

  • a tailor-made tutor's brief with full instructions and other resources as needed eg Bank Notes for a treasure hunt

  • 12 copies of "Share, Care, Communicate" and the "Teamwork Behaviour Checklist"; 2 copies of "Leadership at WORK"

  • copies of an A4 laminated card with, on one side, the plan of the reverse of the puzzle showing where each numbered section and each numbered piece within it fits; and on the other side a full colour picture of the jigsaw image

  • AFTER CONSULTATION, tailor-made team briefs and / or tailor-made Leadership briefs

"Why not play safe? You know you will enjoy it a little. But you might enjoy EVEN MORE something you have never done before"

What's In the Box - £650 for one 500 piece puzzle, more £250 each; £900 for one 1,000 piece puzzle, more £400 each