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One of our "Puzzling Tasks", but with a difference. Teams are issued with a copy of the same puzzle each - a 250 piece puzzle, which is an aerial photograph of the venue / location of the course.

"When the 'what's the point?' moments hit, ask yourself ..........

..........'what IS the point?' Why ARE you doing what you're doing? !"


Out and About


Tailor Made Briefs for client Learning Objectives AND Venue

What's In The Box - £650 for two puzzles, extra £250 each

Part of our service in this task is to discuss and advise where you wish hold your event and then acquire the relevant aerial jigsaw puzzles. We would then research the area of the photograph to identify 10 locations for the challenge.

  • the relevant number of jigsaw puzzles - each with a number 1 to 250 written on the reverse of each piece! maps for teams

  • a tailor-made tutor's brief with full instructions

  • tailor-made team briefs; copies of "Share, Care, Communicate" and the laminated "Teamwork Behaviour Checklist"; 2 copies of "Leadership at WORK"

"There's no point in aiming high and just trying hard. AIM EVEN HIGHER, using Janus Creative Planning"

Yes, bikes are allowed - but at a price! But is it the right bridge?

With a minimum of two teams having the same puzzles, there is an opportunity to maximise profits, rather than compete, for teams to co-operate - so NEGOTIATING is also a key factor.

Their first task is to assemble the puzzle and discover that 10 pieces are missing! They then have to organise themselves to visit all 10 of these locations and do certain things!

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- minimum two hours to half a day - 12 participants in two teams (two copies of puzzle)

A great task to test LEADERSHIP as well as teamwork. Many different roles to allocate and a choice of resources versus potential returns in order to maximise PROFITS. So Use of Resources and Time Management are vital.

  • the 10 retained pieces per puzzle together with cryptic clues and map reference numbers as to the location of each one and instructions what to do on arrival at the location