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A PROBLEM SOLVING task which also tests LISTENING and DEBATING, the situation described is based on over 2000 actual cases in which men and women lived or died depending upon the survival decisions they made. Your own "life" or "death" will depend upon how well your group can share its present knowledge and ASSUMPTIONS about an unfamiliar situation.!

"When the 'what's the point?' moments hit, ask yourself ..........

..........'what IS the point?' Why ARE you doing what you're doing? !"

Desert Survival


What's In The Box - for £250

Delegates study the scenario and make individual decisions initially and then form teams of ideally 6 to discuss and agree on a team consensus on how to solve the problem - and their lives!

- circa 90 minutes - 6 to 24 participants

  • outlines of the scenario,  pro formas forcompletion as individuals and then as a team and then for scoring against The Expert Ranking and Rationale - correct answer.

  • a tailor-made tutor's brief with full instructions

  • tailor-made team briefs, 12 copies of "Share, Care, Communicate" and the laminated "Teamwork Behaviour Checklist"; 2 copies of "Leadership at WORK"

"Now here's an original thought ... someone who disagrees with you MIGHT BE RIGHT !"

And then make decisions !

Their answers are then compared with a correct set followed by a discussion on how they could have listened and debated more effectively.

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