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"When the going gets tough? Normal people give up, or at least take a break! .........while smart people GET CREATIVE."

Some of our tasks positively invite participants to act on assumptions and not to stop and think about options and alternatives or do basic SWOT analyses.

Disciplined CREATIVITY

"Hands up those present who never act on assumptions and who prefer taking risks to the familiar"

Your Strategic Planning tool kit will include:

Recommended  Strategic Planning Tasks - click on the link for full details.

  • also included are Little Books of Epigrams and notes tailor-made to your Learning Objectives

The aim of the Balloonpole, for example, is to fly as many balloons as possible from a structure as high as possible - measured from the height of the lowest balloon. What could possibly go wrong ? !

Is this 5 metres as planned?!
  • copies of the book "Janus CREATIVE Planning" (see Janus)

  • laminated versions of the 6 Steps Checklist and notes tailor-made to create a case study relevant to participants.

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THE MINEFIELD outdoors THE BALLOONPOLE outdoors OUT and ABOUT outdoors THE MOONWALK outdoors & indoors THE LEGO TOWER indoors PUZZLING TASKS outdoors & indoors A GOURMET CHALLENGE indoors WORDPOWER indoors

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