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LISTENING, two simple rules - DECIDE to listen and DECIDE to be interested and curious

ALL our tasks require and test LISTENING because it is a key ingredient of effective teamworking - team members should always consult each other and debate positively.

Recommended Teamwork Tasks - click on the link for full details.

All these tasks tempt delegates to make and act on ASSUMPTIONS, because of time constraints and competitiveness, rather than discuss options and alternatives before "getting stuck in"!

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NEGOTIATING, one epigram - "negotiating for win-win is easy when you have Shared Objectives"


So if Listening is a key Learning Objective, then feel free to choose any task and major on Listening techniques before and in debrief. We will supply reference notes and checklists.

The Tasks below have been selected because, while they are competitive between teams, co-operation will boost the results of both/all teams. So they are ideal if your Learning Objectives include Negotiating and Influencing.

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"Most people care what others think. But do they care enough WHICH OTHERS ?"

THE BALLOONPOLE outdoors THE MOONWALK indoors & outdoors OUT and ABOUT outdoors THE BLACKENED FILAMENT indoors PUZZLING TASKS indoors and/or outdoors A GOURMET CHALLENGE indoors WORDPOWER indoors Keep quiet - LISTEN!