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The Balloonpole

Tailor Made Briefs for defined target groups

What's In The Box - £500 for 1 team + £150 each for more

The task is simple in concept, but can be made as easy or as difficult as required! One smaller team working together don't need to negotiate, but the "price list" for materials, including balloons, will still need to be studied, etc. It is also a great LEADERSHIP exercise, especially if there are 2 or more teams and they get over-competitive!

Teamwork and/or Leadership Challenges

Planning for PROFIT; strategic planning, risk analysis - eg how windy is the weather?!  Negotiating; contingency planning; involving all team members and allocating roles, motivation, camaraderie.

  • per kit - 100 balloons; poles of varying widths and strengths sufficient to design and build a base and then erect a 50 feet balloonpole; varying widths and lengths of string and rope; scissors

  • a tailor-made (eg with or without auction) tutor's brief with full instructions

  • tailor-made team briefs; copies of "Share, Care, Communicate", laminated "Teamwork Behaviour Checklists"; 2 copies of "Leadership at WORK"

"The short cut to a dead end is the way you've always done it !"

How many balloons do we need? A job well done return to Listening and Negotiating category

The aim for this task is to maximise PROFIT by building a flagpole flying balloons from the top of it - with the height and the number of balloons and the time taken as the measurements for GROSS profit.


two to four hours - from 6 participants to “all the more the merrier” - from 1 team working hard to maximise profit to 6 or more teams “overcompeting” (rather than co-operating and/or negotiating) in auctions for materials! ( see below)

In the Planning Phase we hold an AUCTION for materials. So by the time of the auction teams need to have a very specific strategy - for how much they can afford to spend versus the potential rewards.

Liaising and NEGOTIATING between teams is allowed. So this is a great task if you have 3 or more teams (with at least 4 or 5 team members in each) Measurement is by NET profit.

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